Ganau America 4

Ganau America

Designed by Santa Rosa Architect, Del Starrett, this 38,000 square foot metal building for a cork processing facility has 5,700 square feet of luminous, contemporary office space. The super-clean factory contains a high-tech laboratory, a moisture-controlled cork conditioning room, and banks of branding machines, all dedicated to producing the absolute highest quality corks for Ganau’s wine industry customers. Systems and processes were fine-tuned to conserve energy and water usage.

The building’s architecture is designed to convey the technical sophistication and clean, state-of-the-art attributes of Ganau’s operations. JMA coordinated the construction of the metal building by Soule Building Systems who, along with several European suppliers and the PV system supplier, were directly contracted by the owner. Interiors are by Interior Designer, Nicoletta Camerin of Sonoma, CA.

Project Team

Sonoma, CA
38,814 sf
JMA Project Manager
Steve Ronchelli
JMA Superintendent
Dave Bartle
Del Starett Architect
Civil Engineer
Bedford Associates