Hillside Farmhouse

Hillside Farmhouse


In 1987 Jim Murphy and Jay True created the partnership that we now know as JMA. The fundamental principle behind their partnership was to prove to the industry and themselves that a construction firm could be run with integrity, honesty, fairness and still be healthy and profitable. This mission was the reason that the company’s culture was founded in stewardship; truly listening to clients and sincerely putting their best interests above our own. They soon realized that this principle virtue would be the foundation of the company, the source of their strength and the inspiration behind the idea of truly being an uncommon builder.

Today the mantle is carried by Jesse Malone and Steve Ronchelli. While their formal partnership started in 2016, they have served JMA’s clients for a combined 40+ years. JMA now includes over 40 employees, all of whom share a sincere commitment to our culture of stewardship. To all of us, stewardship means we accept not only the responsibility to perform our work in the best way we know how but also placing the needs of others before our own. Construction is a collaborative process that requires paying attention to every detail. We show this by taking note of the feelings and reasons behind words spoken during client interactions, treating our clients resources with care and approaching each task with humility.

Jesse and Steve

Steve Ronchelli and Jesse Malone


Our decades-long history of constructing top-quality commercial and residential projects is rooted in our belief of stewardship. Team JMA values total honesty, unceasing attention to budgets and schedules and an absolute drive to please our clients. Together we enjoy seeing dream projects unfold.

Meet the team
“Good customer service and management can only be accomplished with good communication. In that area I cannot say enough about my positive experiences with Jim Murphy and Associates. They understand that communication is the key and they maintain open dialogue during the entire project at the office and in the field, with the client and the architect and all the involved disciplines.”
Jim McCalligan, Architect, James McCalligan Architect, Santa Rosa