Flamingo Resort & Spa Renovations

With new entry canopies, balconies and reglazing, this beloved local favorite welcomes its bright future. Since 2005, we have completed a number of renovation projects for the Flamingo Resort and Spa and the Montecito Health Club: new entry canopies and new balconies and reglazing for the 100 – 400 wings of the resort’s lodging. The 500 wing of the resort’s lodging was originally built using non-commercial grade materials in the bathrooms, long before JMA arrived on the scene. This resulted in water leaks and water damage in all the bathrooms in that wing. JMA completely renovated the shower areas, remediating the mold and mildew, installing European-style, heavy glass doors and creating a new, water-tight envelope in each room to prevent future leaks. Our relationship with the value conscious owner is one of trust and the common goal to build or re-build using materials and methods that will continue to perform well, long into the future.

Project Team

Santa Rosa, CA
3,200 sf
JMA Project Manager
John Fox
JMA Superintendent
Richard Stoner
Del Starrett Architect
Structural Engineer
Technical Imagery Studios