Bob Hebblewhite


Personal statement:   If I can’t fix it, it can’t be fixed.

Bob is a go-to guy who was stationed in Okinawa while in the Marines from 1975-79. His enjoyment of building things and solving problems is summed up in his advice to “Measure twice, cut once.” A valued team member at JMA for over 20 years, he enjoys the appreciation received from our leadership. Another reason to love his job is that he never gets bored and really likes working outside.

When not at work, he likes cinema and spending time with his twin nieces. Buying his own home has been the most satisfying milestone in his life thus far.

Favorite JMA Projects

  • 7,250 sf farmhouse stlye residence with pool in Napa
  • 11,000 sf estate farmhouse style residence including pool house, horse barn and machine shed
  • 17,300 sf residence with guest and pool house, foreman’s house and 14,400 sf car barn
  • 4,500 sf farmhouse style residence with pool in western Sonoma County